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Grief & Loss

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Grief & Loss

Connect with a board-certified provider about your symptoms in an average of 5 minutes or less - 24/7/365.

Grief is a feeling that happens in response to a loss of life, or drastic changes to your daily life that bring stability, like the loss of a job or a relationship.

Grief can bring a wide range of symptoms, but common symptoms include shock or denial, anxiety, anger, periods of sadness, fatigue, forgetfulness and loss of appetite.

Everyone grieves differently. Some common methods that may help the grieving process include setting a routine for the day, including meals, sleep schedule and movement, to ensure your physical self stays healthy. Another reminder is to be gentle on yourself, and recognize grief is a process; there’s no set deadline for feeling ‘normal’ again. Talking to friends, family or a professional grief counselor can also help.

Our therapists and psychiatrists have an average 15 years of experience, and many specialize in grief and loss. We make it easy for you to browse and learn about our providers so you can find the perfect match, 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.

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