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we havehad set up the 27c3 network so that it willwould crash OS X and iPhones:

This is this year’s mystery challenge, and there are tickets for the Chaos Communication Camp in summer 2011 to win. We have prizes for the first person each to publish:

  • a pcap dump
  • a way to replay that dump in order to crash a mac
  • a stack trace with registers of the crashsolved, see http://pastebin.ca/2030027
  • code execution: Not possible, since it’s a division by zero. wrong: it is a division overflow. the div64by32 result is larger than 32bits.

Accepted input is a link to a file with the solution, together with a SHA-256 sum of said file, on twitter. Add a #27c3 #0day tag. Timestamp on twitter counts. Ladies and gentlemen, start your debuggers!

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