Do Crooked Teeth Cause Health Damages?

Crooked teeth are not seen as a sign of poor dental health throughout the world. The real concern lies in the health damages that crooked teeth may create. In North America, most people aspire to have straight, white teeth. In Europe it is less important as an aesthetic part of oral health, but in reality crooked teeth can also contribute to tooth decay and poor gums. It is difficult to clean teeth on your own and it can be also difficult for a dentist to clean your teeth. This is why examining options to straighten crooked teeth is a smart move for those with significant space between teeth.

  • Red, swollen gums are a problem for people with crooked teeth.
  • Adequate cleaning is very difficult and leads to tooth decay.

With crooked teeth, redness can inhibit the gums and cause gum disease. This can be seen through swollen gums and bleeding gums, which occur with basic cleanings or even brushing the teeth at home. Periodontal disease is hard and expensive to treat. When teeth are the correct proportions and teeth, it becomes easier for the gums to do their job. The teeth should sit flush to the gums for the best dental health.

To achieve straight teeth, it is best to use Invisalign. This is because the Invisalign can be removed for cleaning every morning and night. Braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth at home and it is hard to get between the teeth. Food can get stuck between the teeth and braces and it is hard to dislodge this debris with conventional braces. Invisalign gives the patient the ability to remove the teeth straighteners for adequate cleaning.  A popular provider of Invisalign is the Invisible Orthodontist.  Also, flossing also plays a significant role in keeping up with oral health and with Invisalign, the patient can make flossing a regular part of their routine which they can continue after Invisalign treatment is complete.

Periodontal disease occurs when leftover debris creates bacteria in the gums and around the teeth. Oral infections can happen and be the root problem for more severe health problems that spread to the jaw. These infections are more likely in people who are older and suffer from diabetes. When a person tackles their crooked teeth, it typically helps a myriad of health problems they may be coping with. Using Invisalign can also help the person build good oral health habits for the long haul.

Dentists favor Invisalign for patients because they are removable for daily cleaning. There are no worries about eliminating certain foods from your diet with Invisalign. Wires and brackets don’t get in the way of brushing teeth or flossing. Crooked teeth do not have to hinder your overall  health thanks to treatments available at your dentist.